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Could Watching Doctor Who be Hampering Your Love Life?

No. No it couldn’t…
In the very definition of a ‘deal breaker’ it turns out that if you ever want to find the Rory to your Amy or the paving slab containing the former love of your life to your Elton, then you might have to ditch Doctor Who…or, you know, find someone who shares your interest that ultimately leads to a deep connection between the two of you that goes on to bloom into a lasting, fulfilling relationship…dating everybody!
Anywho, according to EliteSingles UK’s, you might have to turn off your favourite if you’re going to turn on your future spouse.
According to the site, Doctor Who is a bad choice. In fact, 22% of users ranked the sci-fi series in their top-three TV turn offs. However, fans of EastEnders are out of luck as well, as 54% would called the proverbial black cab for someone enamoured with the ‘doof doofs’, while, mind that tram Corrie fans, as 49% of users believe it’s about crush all your dreams (so I guess this means soap fans are casting envious eyes at those loved up Emmerdale fans, they really know how to make your Dingle tingle)
So far, so blah but, I hear you cry, what show am I going to replace Doctor Who with now I no longer wish to conform to a stereotype that blatantly doesn’t exist? (Hello you sexy wonderful, intelligent, diverse, well-read, fashionably attired, adorably devoted Doctor Who fans!) Well, elementary my dear Watson, it’s Sherlock, with a whopping 23% of British singles suggesting that the series makes you more attractive to the opposite sex…who may or may not be high-functioning sociopaths but still, beggars can’t be choosers.
This is followed by The Big Bang Theory at 23% and Game of Thrones at 22% which screams ‘I don’t really care about which TV show makes you more attractive – Just put anything and please free me from my sample survey nightmare’ (that sample size is pretty small – just 850 British singles aged 18-75 were surveyed – possibly because they were all huddled on the sofa after a chance encounter with a sexy Doctor Who fan lead to an evening of heavy petty with The Monster of Peladon…no, wait that doesn’t sound right).
Although the rest of the survey gets things largely right about which celebrities we’d like to share our box sets with – the men go for such telly temptresses as Billie Piper (Doctor Who), followed by Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory), Natalie Dormer (Game of Thrones), while the woman went for Aidan Turner (Poldark), followed by Idris Elba (Luther), Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) and Arthur Lowe (Dad’s Army). 
Okay, maybe not him but, why not him! Isn’t that the magic of dating? That regardless of your own set of peculiarities and preferences, there is someone out there who loves what you love, and loves you for what makes you who you are? I mean, i hope it is, otherwise we’re reliant on poor received, hastily filled-out surveys to help us make sense of the world.

Andrew Reynolds

15 thoughts on “Could Watching Doctor Who be Hampering Your Love Life?

  1. Here’s some advice from the definitely-not-single-never-had-a-date-before Doctor Moo, Love Expert:
    If someone’s only interested in you or put off you because of the TV shows you do or don’t watch then I’d suggest that maybe you’re better off without them. That doesn’t mean both halves of a couple have to have the same likes and dislikes but for your compatibility as a couple to be defined by your TV selections is incredibly shallow. If you’re truly right for each other then such trivial things shouldn’t matter.

    1. Here, here. Moo. Though a shared interest may break the ice when on those incredibly nervous first dates, making someone’s love of a programme a deal-breaker when deciding whether or not to spend your lives (or at least a long time) together is a warning sign that you might need to have a look at your priorities. Mind you, I’ve known my husband since I was 11 and just had casual boyfriends before we got together, so what do I know? It can be a positive thing though – my husband wasn’t really a DW fan at first, but through my enthusiasm, has come to love it.

    1. I don’t personally watch Doctor Who while in bed with my wife but I do close my eyes and think of Erato! 🙂

        1. I probably shouldn’t mention then that when I want an especially exquisite experience that even Erato can’t help me achieve I turn to the last resort – yes, picturing a Vervoid’s face!

          1. Stop it! Bad Franco, bad! Go sit in the corner near that paving slab and think about what you’ve done.

          2. I could say something about plungers and “bumps”… but I’m more mature than that. 😉

  2. Obviously I’m a Doctor Who fanatic and also enjoy The Big Bang Theory. Now that you mention it I haven’t seen my wife around in quite some time! 🙂
    Seriously though, I have shows that I enjoy and she has shows that she enjoys. A lot of them we enjoy together but if we both liked all the same things life, and our marriage, would be boring.

  3. My wife had no idea what she was getting into, but to be fair, I didn’t know the show would come back at the time.
    We met in 1994, so the fact that I was a Whovian didn’t really come up. I didn’t hide it, but it didn’t affect the relationship much one way or the other. I did change some plans so I could watch the TV Movie in 1996, but that was a one-time thing. Then 2005 happened, but she was already too invested to walk. I’ve never gotten her to watch, but she does tolerate my habit — she agreed to a cable package that includes BBC America, she understands my Big Finish purchases, and when we vacationed in London last year, she allowed a side trip to Cardiff so I could visit the Experience (our son did the Experience with me, but my wife took a bus tour of Cardiff).
    She doesn’t watch Sherlock with me either, so go figure.

  4. My hubby was a deprived child, whose mother was so afraid of the ugly monsters she wouldn’t let them watch WHO. Now he can quote the best bits with me, and even buys me DVDs and BF audios from time to time. If that ain’t love then God didn’t make little green bug-eyed monsters.

  5. How times have changed! I hark back to the old days of Doctor Who fandom. The days when, if you asked a fan whether being a Doctor Who fan was having a detrimental effect on their love life, would answer “What love life?”…. Okay, maybe not so changed after all.

  6. I think in this day and age, when geek rules and there’s fandom aplenty out there, you’re more likely to find someone who is just as anorak as you are when it comes to something, so I would say (despite the numbers of this ridiculous poll) that being a Doctor Who fan might not be the automatic deal-breaker they claim it to be. Besides, if someone you’re interested in really can’t at least tolerate your first and foremost love in the world (heh) then they either need to loosen up or you should rethink your relationship.
    In my case I got lucky. My (then future) wife was already an anime fan who went to conventions and cosplayed, so I was good on that count. Later on she happened to discover Doctor Who for herself, though she’d heard me talk about it as well, and she got into it herself. When it comes to TV, we watch mostly the same shows, while it’s other areas in our relationship that we differ, so we can enjoy TV time together.

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Could Watching Doctor Who be Hampering Your Love Life?

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