Cavan Scott and Rachael Stott to Host Comic Workshop at the Doctor Who Experience

Titan Comics Doctor Who writer Cavan Scott will be hosting two Doctor Who comics day at the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff this Wednesday 10th & 17th August –  with artist Rachael Stott joining him this Wednesday.

Promising to let you Design Your Own Doctor Who Comic Strip, there will be a number of workshops through the day in where Scott and Stott will show audiences how the comics are put together from script to page, and also give top tips to create your own comics.

He’ll also be available to sign any of his many Doctor Who comics, books or audios.

What’s more, if you missed the recent, rather wonderful Target Covers exhibition at the Cartoon Museum earlier this year, the gallery of original cover art will also be on show at the Experience, as will the best covers of Doctor Who Magazine’s record-breaking 500 issue run.

For more details, check out the Doctor Who Experience website.

The second issue of Titan Comics Doctor Who summer event, Supremacy of the Cybermen, written by Cavan Scott and George Mann, is on sale from August 17th, 2016.