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The DWAS Raising Funds for Heritage Plaque for Jon Pertwee

Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year the Doctor Who Appreciation Society are looking to bestow upon its first honorary president, the Third Doctor himself, Jon Pertwee, a heritage plaque to mark the occasion.
If all goes to plan, the plaque will be installed at the New Wimbledon Theatre (the theatre that played host to the premiere of the stage play The Ultimate Adventure in 1989).
As part of the fundraising effort, the DWAS are selling badges based on the TARDIS roundels, which can be purchased in sets of seven via their website.
What’s more, Jon Pertwee will be celebrated at a special one-day event held by DWAS, Polarity Day, which will take place in London on the 23rd October.
This isn’t the first time that the society has bestowed a plaque upon a Doctor Who luminary. In 2014, the DWAS funded a plaque in honour of the producer Verity Lambert at the then Riverside Studios in London – the plaque was unveiled by An Unearthly Child director Waris Hussein

Andrew Reynolds

The DWAS Raising Funds for Heritage Plaque for Jon Pertwee

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