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The Christmas Special Will Pitch The Doctor Against a Superhero

Steven Moffat and Peter Capaldi stopped by CTV’s Your Morning in Canada to dish the first details of this year’s superhero themed festive episode.
The who, how and why are still under wraps but it does look as though the Doctor will come face to face with a superhero torn straight from the pages of fan fiction this Christmas, played by Orphan Black and Shameless US star Justin Chatwin.
Peter Capaldi said:
“We’ve got a wonderful Canadian actor – Justin Chatwin – who’s in it. He told me if I mentioned his name I’d get a free drink!
“[Justin’s] in it, which is brilliant. We just finished filming it on Friday. It’s very festive. I don’t know quite what I can say about it!”
Before Steven Moffat added:
“Justin is a superhero – as all Canadians are.”

So just what do we mean by superhero? He certainly won’t be a Superman, Iron Man or any other copyrighted character but our money is on someone augmented in a way that both intrigues and irritates the Doctor – possibly in a similar way to how irascible he was with Robin Hood in Series 8’s Robots of Sherwood.
We’ll just have to wait to find out when the Doctor Who Christmas Special airs Christmas Day on BBC 1.

Andrew Reynolds

The Christmas Special Will Pitch The Doctor Against a Superhero

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