BBC to Release Colour Version of The Power of the Daleks

The BBC have announced that a colour version of the animated story The Power of the Daleks is to be released at the end of the year.

This weekend sees the release of the black and white version of the animated version of Patrick Trougton’s debut as the Second Doctor on the BBC Store, with a DVD release coming on 21 November.

It is now confirmed that a colour version will be released on BBC Store on 31st December followed by a Special Edition Blu-ray, containing both the black and white and colour versions, from 6th February 2017.


In the US on November 14th, you’ll be able to catch The Power of the Daleks in cinemas for one night only. For more information head over to Fathom Events.

BBC America is screening the black and white version weekly from November 19th, and will make the colour version available exclusively on their digital platforms towards the end of November.

From January 24th, 2017 both versions of the story will be available on a Region 1 DVD, exclusively at Barnes & Noble.