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When Will Class Air on BBC One?

The Doctor Who spin-off Class – the YA series filled with sex, blood and some very naughty words – will air at 11 am on BBC One, right after Homes Under the Hammer…no, wait. It will air at an appropriately late time slot; the Radio Times has said.
Senior BBC sources have said that the drama written by author Patrick Ness will probably air after the 10 pm news at 10:45 pm in a weekday slot on BBC One, although final details have not yet been confirmed by the Corporation.
The eight-part series launched online on BBC3 on 22nd October and was made available in weekly instalments, with the promise of a subsequent BBC1 broadcast.
Another ultimately abandoned idea for its BBC One debut was to air the show each Friday after the online release but that was eventually shelved by BBC1 management.
Shadowy sources who lurk inside the BBC have said the Corporation have been disappointed with the response to Class which, despite earning favourable reviews, has yielded less than stellar ratings.
Per figures released by ratings body Barb at the end of last month, the first two episodes have been accessed by fewer than 185,688 viewers.
This is one of the deciding factors in the post-post watershed time-slot – the other reason of course being the content itself which has seen girlfriends slaughtered in front of their partners (complete with a blood splattering for good measure), beloved headteachers being separated from their skin and wanton squirrel murder.
You can still view the whole of Class Series One via the BBC iPlayer. Class is due to air on BBC America in April.
Class Series One is available to pre-order now via Amazon for release on January 16th for £17.99.

Andrew Reynolds

When Will Class Air on BBC One?

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