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The Final Problem Coming to Cinemas – But Is It The End for Sherlock?

There have been lots of speculation that Sherlock Series 4 will be the hit BBC1 show’s last run – and the title of the last episode of Series 4 doesn’t exactly put paid to that rumour.
Following on from The Six Thatchers and The Lying Detective, Series 4 Episode 3 has been officially revealed as The Final Problem.
The episode will air on 15th January 2017 at 9pm on BBC1… and at select cinemas! Yep, after the success of The Abominable Bride on the big screen, Sherlock is returning for one night only at more than 300 participating venues including Cineworld, Showcase, Vue, Empire, Odeon, Picture House, Omniplex, and Everyman.
It’ll screen at the same time at the cinema as on BBC1, but those watching at the former will see additional exclusive content, presumably some sort of introduction. Producer, Sue Vertue says:

“Fans clearly enjoyed the opportunity of watching The Abominable Bride in cinemas last time so Hartswood Films are thrilled to be working with BBC Worldwide again to do the same for this series four finale.”

Andrew Scott’s Moriarty was teased as having a hand in upcoming events, and if we go by the title alone, he’ll be a presence in The Final Problem too: the original 1893 short story by Arthur Conan Doyle saw Sherlock Holmes confront Moriarty at the Reichenbach Falls, and I think we all know how that ended. Sounds ominous… except Holmes did of course return. Presumably Sherlock will too, albeit following another break, at least according to star, Benedict Cumberbatch:

“I think there will be a lull. I don’t think it will be in a year and a half necessarily but we will wait and see and maybe it will be. First and foremost we have got a fourth series for people to watch and understand and when they watch it they might go ‘Oh yeah, maybe there does need to be a break now’ because of what happens in it. No spoilers!”

A hiatus does seem likely, but we’ll have to play the waiting game to find out whether it really is The End.
Sherlock returns on New Year’s Day with The Six Thatchers.

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The Final Problem Coming to Cinemas – But Is It The End for Sherlock?

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