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Watch the TV Trailer for The Return of Doctor Mysterio

Frankly, it’s about time. The latest official TV trailer for the new episode of Doctor Who, The Return of Doctor Mysterio, has been unleashed on the world – and the reaction is… decidedly mixed.
The Christmas special is set to see Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor joined by Matt Lucas as Nardole, Charity Wakefield as Lucy Fletcher, and Justin Chatwin as Grant, aka “The Ghost.” Who, you might’ve realised, isn’t an actual ghost (standard fare for Doctor Who), but is, in fact, a superhero (not standard fare for Doctor Who).
The Internet seems split by the trailer, so without further ado, check it out.

That’ll be playing across the BBC during the festive period, promising timey-wimey goodness on Christmas Day. Except not everyone is over the moon to see the good Doctor return. Because this is the Internet.
Amid shouts of “Doctor Who is really Americanised” and “another episode set in the USA?!”, we should remember that the last episode actually set in America was The Angels Take Manhattan, all the way back in 2012. Last year’s The Zygon Invasion/ The Zygon Inversion was partly set in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, but it definitely wasn’t its main setting. And for those saying, “‘ere, I fought Dr Who cudn’t go bak 2 NY”, you need to rewatch The Angels Take Manhattan, Mister.
Nonetheless, there does seem something a little off about the trailer, doesn’t there? Maybe it’s having a superhero in it. Maybe it’s that anything would’ve received very mixed responses after such a long wait; depending on your school of thought, it’s either “so good to have it back” or “not worth the year’s wait.”
So what do you think, dear reader? I personally think we should just, y’know, wait and see. Still, I already think Charity Wakefield should’ve been the Doctor’s companion!

Philip Bates

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Watch the TV Trailer for The Return of Doctor Mysterio

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