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Mark Gatiss Dismisses Sleep No More Follow Up for Series 10

Despite speaking before about resurrecting the Sandmen monsters from Series Nine episode Sleep No More, it appears as though all the sand has passed through the hourglass on that idea as writer Mark Gatiss has taken to twitter to dismiss the notion entirely.
Stepping all over our sandcastle shaped rumours, Gatiss has denied that his Series Ten episode will feature the men of sand.
Sleep No More, which was the shows first foray into the found footage sub-genre of horror, wasn’t exactly well received despite some effective moments.
Following a fake episode list that did the rounds, Gatiss took to Twitter to deny that Sleep No More‘s Sandmen will return in series 10.
Here’s how it all went down…

Well, if you are holding out for a sequel to Sleep No More, it does at least raise the possibility of their being a follow-up that doesn’t feature the sandmen – although that doesn’t seem very likely.
So that raises the question, just what will Gatiss episode be about? As he previously told Cultbox, it could literally be about anything:
“We’ve not even explored the whole of Britain, never mind the universe, and if you imagine doing a story in Robert Louis Stevenson’s Edinburgh, or India – things like that, I think, can make each episode very distinctive, so I’d love to do more like that, I suppose, and just keep reinventing.”
For now then, it’s sandmen no more…

Andrew Reynolds

Mark Gatiss Dismisses Sleep No More Follow Up for Series 10

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