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John Barrowman Teases Mysterious Meeting at the BBC

Barrowman, you tease! Not content with calling out Steven Moffat for denying the world a fix of Torchwood (allegedly), his one-man mission to make us all forget Miracle Day and unleash a new series of Torchwood has entered a new medium…the medium of meetings.
Yes, get ready to get excited about run-of-the-mill meetings at the BBC (although not many meetings feature a TARDIS), as John Barrowman posted a picture himself with his agent Gavin Barker, telling his followers that he was “going in for meetings at the BBC”.
Adding cryptically:
“Fingers crossed :)”

So why exactly would he pose in front of a TARDIS? Did the meeting have anything to do with the future of Captain Jack? Does this mean a Torchwood revival has entered the ‘in talks’ stage? Does that mean i  have to update our ‘What’s happening with Torchwood?’ whiteboard?
While one thing doesn’t necessarily prove the other – he literally could have been there for Tonight’s the Night talks for all we know – it is strange that the ‘we can neither confirm nor deny’ front has been dropped and the Beeb haven’t said ‘you know, hang back with posting any pictures of yourself with an iconic prop from that show your known for, you know, just in case’ – so could this mean Captain Jack is back and more importantly is it for the Moffat era or the Chibnall era?
Or they could have just said ‘No!’…*cough*
Anyway, it does appear that wheels are in motion…for something…albeit very slowly…possibly…sort of…

Andrew Reynolds

John Barrowman Teases Mysterious Meeting at the BBC

by Andrew Reynolds time to read: 1 min
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