#FollowFriday: Adrian Salmon, Artist

This year’s whizzing along, and it’s already Friday once again. That means #FollowFriday, our mostly-weekly chance to spotlight Doctor Who-related people on Twitter.

And today’s #FF is Adrian Salmon!

Flick through the nearest Doctor Who Magazine, and you’ll see some of Salmon’s lovely art, most prolifically gracing the pages of the regular Time Team column, but sometimes on the DWM comic strip too. He’s also worked as an inker, colourist, and writer for the publication, as well as for Doctor Who Adventures.

His earliest work was on Judge Dredd (including alongside Father’s Day‘s Paul Cornell, former-DWM editor, John Freeman, and David Bishop, author of Amorality Tale), and The Cybermen, a brief reprise of which was seen in DWM’s celebratory issue for the Cybermen’s 50th anniversary. Other commissions in the world of Doctor Who include covers for Big Finish’s Bernice Summerfield range, Doctor Who Storybooks, and Candy Jar Books’ Lethbridge-Stewart novels.

As you’d imagine, his Twitter feed is full of artistic loveliness, a great aggregate of all eras of the show.

He also worked on the wonderful Power of the Daleks animation for the BBC Store!

Oh, but his feed isn’t confined only to Doctor Who – there’s plenty of other art.

Follow Adrian @AS1963.