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Candy Jar Books Announce New Limited Edition Lethbridge-Stewart Novella Range

Setting out to explore different corners of the Lethbridge-Stewart universe, Candy Jar Books has announced a brand new limited edition novella range.
Three new hardback novellas will be released during 2017 – strictly limited to 400 copies each – with the first, The Life of Evans by John Peel arriving in March. That’s followed by Day of the Intelligence by Andy Frankham-Allen in May (which celebrates fifty years of the Great Intelligence, telling the official origin story, full authorised by Mervyn Haisman & Henry Lincoln), and then The Flaming Soldier by Christopher Bryant in July (which is being releases to commemorate the World War II hero, Eileen Younghusband.
However, first comes The Life of Evans, which tells the untold story of Driver Evans, everybody’s favourite Welsh slacker.

Range Editor Andy Frankham-Allen says:
“I always had a plan to develop Evans beyond the obvious clichés of his television appearance, but it turned out to be one-too-many character arcs for the series. As such Evans disappeared after 2016’s The Grandfather Infestation. Fortunately, the idea of the novellas came along, and due to the popularity of Evans, I decided it made sense to explore Evans’ character arc in the first novella. John Peel was the obvious choice; he writes quickly, and works very well to spec, and since we’ve had a lot of readers ask for more Peel, it seemed the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. And, naturally, John nailed it.”
Also included in this book is a bonus short story by Robert Mammone, called Time and Again. The story serves as a sequel to the 1985 Doctor Who television serial Timelash, and is a prequel to the forthcoming spin-off series, Travers & Wells, revealing more of the mystery that was first seen at the end of the novel, Times Squared. Travers & Wells will be a new novella series, echoing the novellas of H.G. Wells, such as The War of the Worlds.
The Life of Evans is available for pre-order now, for £12.99 and will be which published in hardback, with a strict print-run of only 400 copies. You can pre-order individually or as part of the discounted novella UK bundle for only £38.40, or an international bundle for only £55.59

Andrew Reynolds

Candy Jar Books Announce New Limited Edition Lethbridge-Stewart Novella Range

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