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Steven Moffat: There's a Chance River Song May Return

Steven Moffat has hinted that there could be one last adventure left for adventurer/archaeologist River Song.
It’s unsurprising given that he’s about to depart the show – which almost certainly means we’ll get a whistle-stop tour of some of his more famous creations – and that he just can’t seem to let her go.
Speaking in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, Moffat was once again grilled by fans in the Ask Moffat feature where he was asked “Do you feel that River Song’s story is done?”

And he replied:
“Well, yes, that does seem like the end to me. Except, of course, it isn’t, and can’t be. There’s always the chance that River will show up again, at some other point in her timeline, with a stolen camel, seven more husbands, and a nuclear submarine.
Big Finish isn’t done with her, I believe, and any reason to get Alex Kingston back in action is a good one.
But for me, I think, I’m done. Back when I thought I might be leaving at the end of 2015, I specifically planned the Darillium scene as my goodbye – bringing everything full circle, to the moment (in Forest of the Dead) just before I took over.”
You do wonder, if he did decide to bring her back, what story there is left to tell? Starting with Silence in the Library and ending/beginning with 2015’s The Husbands of River Song, it’s probably best to let Big Finish find more exciting ways to flesh out her character.
Doctor Who Magazine #509 is out today on Feb 9, 2017. 

Andrew Reynolds

Steven Moffat: There's a Chance River Song May Return

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