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Doctor Who Series 10 Opener is Coming to USA Cinemas!

Good news for those who prefer their Who on the silver screen! Fathom Events has announced that the Doctor Who Series 10 premiere will be shown in select theatres all throughout the USA. Of course, this isn’t the first time that Moffat-era Doctor Who has made the trip to the cinema…
The 50th Anniversary spectacular, Day of the Doctor, made its short theatre run concurrent with the debut on BBC America and again two days later (which was an experience not like any other).
And this will be the second trip to the movies for Capaldi as his debut episode, Deep Breath, also made a brief stint as part of Fathom Events. The Series 10 premiere (title still to be announced, but expected to be either A Star in Her Eye or The Pilot) will mark the last series featuring Capaldi as our beloved Time Lord and introduce us to Pearl Mackie’s new companion, Bill.

Speaking of the upcoming series, this writer certainly has mixed feelings going in. I would be remiss if I didn’t confess that Capaldi’s turn as the Doctor hasn’t captivated me the way the Moffat-Smith era did. That isn’t to doubt or throw shade on Capaldi’s immense talent in any way. When the writing is spot on, Capaldi is a force to be reckoned with and as much the Doctor as any of his predecessors. And often to my detriment, I have long been a fan and defender of Steven Moffat. Thus, to sum it up most concisely, I’m hopeful for a run that reminds me why I’ve been so hopelessly devoted to Doctor Who and learns from the missteps of Series 8 and Series 9.
Check out Fathom’s site to get your tickets. The premiere will be shown April 17th and 19th, two days after the BBC America premiere. Due to travel engagements, I’ll be catching the premiere via iTunes. But remembering how much fun I had in the theater for the 50th, this writer is certainly jealous of those who get to partake of this limited theatrical event.
What say you, dear reader? Will any of you US Whovians be catching the beginning of Capaldi’s last run in the cinema? UK viewers: are you holding out hope for a similar screening? Are you ready for Series 10? Sound off below!

Nick Kitchen

Doctor Who Series 10 Opener is Coming to USA Cinemas!

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