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The Official Doctor Who Series 10 Trailer (And We're VERY Excited)

Sorry, this trailer would’ve been online sooner, but we were pretty busy rewatching it again and again and again. Is it an obsession if it’s healthy?
So here it is: the Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi), Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie), and Nardole (Matt Lucas). Feast your eyes on this.

How many times have you rewatched it? 12, you say…?
Some of you may have seen this before, after it was leaked a few days ago (which we didn’t promote because we respect the BBC and the work put into making something this special); otherwise, your first viewing would’ve been either just now on the DWC (thank you!) or during half-time on an FA Cup Semi-final between, uhm, two teams of people. I think they’re all people. There’s that bloke who eats all the crisps too, and that nice Dan chap from Breakfast telly.
And what a treat it is! A new, probably female, Ice Warrior. A watery woman threatening to exterminate. AND LOOK AT THAT CYBERMAN.

The 60-second trailer (thereabouts) features clips from episodes throughout Series 10, notably The Pilot, and episodes by Sarah Dollard, Frank Cottrell-Boyce, Mark Gatiss, Mike Bartlett, and of course Steven Moffat. We might also see clips from other episodes, like stories by Jamie Mathieson, Rona Munro, Toby Whithouse, and Peter Harness.

Let the speculation begin. For instance, DWC co-founder, Andy Reynolds has noticed Nardole’s got a rather fetching sonic screwdriver… but shouldn’t he give it back to the Third Doctor?

And look, there’s guest star, Ralph Little.

All the analysis and breakdowns can wait. Just enjoy the trailer. It’s a beaut.
Doctor Who Series 10 starts on 15th April 2017. Yes.

Philip Bates

Editor and co-founder of the Doctor Who Companion. When he’s not watching television, reading books ‘n’ Marvel comics, listening to The Killers, and obsessing over script ideas, Philip Bates pretends to be a freelance writer. He enjoys collecting everything.

30 thoughts on “The Official Doctor Who Series 10 Trailer (And We're VERY Excited)

  1. There’s… there’s a pyramid. Return of the Osirans? Kind of undewhelmed by the “new” Ice Warrior-Lord-Bloke. Everything else looks scrummy, especially the original Cyberman!

    1. How can you be underwhelmed by a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment in a trailer? Wait for the episode before you make judgments.

      1. I think you’re taking my lightly-made comment (see “bloke” appellation at the end there) as evidence of unintended glibness or a lack of appreciation, which would be entirely wrong. For your benefit, i shall amend to – “I feel a slight and possibly unwarranted sense of mild disappointment at the reveal of the new-ish Ice Warrior, although i concede that this might be total sleight-of-hand on the parts of the producers anyway and we get another, as yet unseen design that will blow me away.” I hope that goes some small distance to ameliorate your tendency to think I’m making judgements, which, may I venture, was judgmental in its own right, but far be it from me to make such observations. Tone of voice is everything with this kind of thing, so just in case you’re not getting it, please read this message as one that drips with sarcasm. Cheers – Robin.

        1. Sorry, Robin. I didn’t mean to offend you. As you say, tone of voice is everything, and sadly that’s one thing that can be easily misinterpreted over the internet since we can only read each other’s words but can’t hear them. I suppose I did feel a little defensive in a way because I do have an issue with people who make a snap judgement without context (as I mentioned in my comment to bar above with Eleven and the Gun in the Season 5 trailer and the many negative reactions that garnered from some fans). That previous experience coupled with misinterpretation of tone led me to make my own snap assumption. All forgiven?
          In future, I’ll do better than to jump in without checking first. 🙂

          1. No harm done. All cool. I was actually attempting to be amusing in my response, so hopefully you got a laugh out of it too. In this age of Internet comms, I usually take great pains to inject some sort of a sense of “tone-of-voice” into any post, but if it’s quickfire, as these things often are, sometimes that gets lost. For what it’s worth, I tend to salute any person on this planet who gets up in the morning and does something creative, because it ain’t easy! (This includes the designer of said new Ice Lord.) Thanks for taking the time to respond – appreciated.

          2. I always make sure to respond to someone when there’s been a possible failure in communication. I don’t want to leave people with the wrong impression. 🙂
            Frankly I think internet comments should all be done dictation style, voice to text so we can click on our comments and hear them as well as read them. Heh.

          3. We badly need a sarcasm font. Also a “slightly puzzled by this trailer but I am excited anyway” font. We’ve put people on the moon (allegedly), you think the collective brainpower of mankind could come up with a solution.

          4. The best we can do is italics. I’m sure that no one could possibly miss sarcasm like that!

  2. Not sure about the Doctor punching someone – I bet he insulted Bill with some racial comment.
    Loving all the decent alien planets stuff, away from present-day earth hooray!
    Nice little weird black cloud following the emojibot.
    PC seems to have so much of the action and energy – gets more Pertwee by the year! Thouigh his hair is different lengths different eps, so it’ll please all of us.
    My only slight concern is that if I were Pearl Mackie, I’m not sure I’d want a casting director judging me onthat trailer – nearly every expression is open mouth, wide-eyed, astonished eyebrows gawp. I’m sure she’s not one note, especially opposite Capaldi, but I wait to be won over.

    1. There have been rare moments when the Doctor has resorted to fisticuffs, and I’m not just talking about Three and his Venusian HI-YAA! It’s like the trailer for Season 5, when people saw Eleven with the gun and were all like “The Doctor would never!”. It may seem awkward/out of character to you at the moment, but I’m sure it’ll make sense when you are finally able to see the episode.

  3. I don’t even know where to begin with this boat-load of awesome. One thing Who has always had in spades is amazing, fantastic imagery, and this trailer certainly delivers on that and gets me excited and worked up for the season to finally get here. My wife will barely get through the door before I have her watch this. 😛

    Ice Warrior, Mondasian Cyberman, the Master, refreshing lack of Daleks (plus hint at interesting new idea for them), lots and lots of Twelve.
    Also Nardole. I love Nardole. Best male companion since the Brig, and that’s including Rory.
    That’s how you make a trailer!

  5. It makes my head hurt. I’ve watched it about 6 times now and I still can’t get a handle on it. And what the heck does Bill say the Tardis looks like – a kitchen? I keep hearing it as a kitten, but that is too surreal for even DW.
    Yep, this has elevated my excitement levels even further, and I really didn’t need that. I may have to be sedated to watch the first episode.

  6. Loving the scale, pace and rhythm of this trailer, raised my hopes for S10 🙂
    Is it just me or is anyone else getting a doomed vibe about Bill – that pic of PC at the door of the TARDIS outside the university looks teary. Is she on stolen time anyway, on a final jaunt with the Doctor? And I wonder if there’s a hint of watcher about David Suchet’s landlord.
    Ok, ok, I’ll give up speculating and go do something more useful instead.

  7. Has anyone yet considered that “The Pilot” could also refer to another Time Lord?
    The Doctor
    The Master
    The Monk
    The Corsair
    The General
    The Magician
    The Visionary
    The Woman
    The Partisan
    The Woman
    The Visionary

      1. I knew I was missing something. To be fair, it was a hastily assembled list before I had to run off to a meeting. But I only listed the Visionary and the Woman once.
        But that doesn’t address my actual thought, that “The Pilot” could actually be referring to another Time Lord.

        1. Respect to you for putting Doctor Who before your meeting 🙂 But you DO list the Visionary and Woman twice.
          I’m intrigued as to exactly who or what The Pilot refers to – not long to go before we find out!

          1. Ah, you’re right, I was trying to find duplicate entries next to each-other, I didn’t realize they were repeated at the end of the list. You got me.

    1. Dr. Moo’s ten favourite Time Lords (other than the Doctor)
      Because you made me think of it and why not?
      1. The Master
      2. The Eleven
      3. Romana
      4. River
      5. The Sonomancer
      6. The Monk
      7. The Rani
      8. Rassilon
      9. Omega
      10. The General

        1. He was in there, but number five just had to sweep in after Doom Coalition 4 took that character and did sheer feminist perfection with her.

  8. I am wondering whether the Daleks we see are an illusion rather than the main enemies in their episode. Perhaps the water is the real threat and plays on people’s fears.

    1. ooooh, interesting! I was wondering where you were Womble. But that would make the movellan their fear. or the other way round. You’re just missing the Frontier in Space Era 😉

      1. unless the hallucination is of a war involving the Daleks. There is a clip where the Doctor says they are in the middle of a war. The Movellans might be hallucinations too

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