Smile! It’s the PodKast With A K!

In the utopia of vacuous teens, everyone listens to grunge. Whatever grunge is. I think it’s that goo they used in children’s TV during the 1990s. Anyway, the point is, in the utopia of everyone else, all and sundry listen to podcasts that make you question your very existence, the nature of reality, and the edge of possibilities.

Sadly, this isn’t utopia, so we’re stuck with the PodKast with a K. Ah well. We struggle on.

I am, of course, being facetious because it’ll make Christian Cawley shake his fist in the air and curse the day he first heard my name. As if he doesn’t already. Regardless, he’s back, alongside James McLean and Brian Terranova to talk about something that’s making them smile… Smile! Yes, Doctor Who has found its mojo, and the PodKast is loving, and savouring, every minute. So have a listen; their enthusiasm is infectious:

Do you agree? Is the latest series of Doctor Who the best it’s been for a while now? Which episode has been the highlight so far?