What Did You Think of Doctor Who: The Doctor Falls?

And that’s it. Doctor Who Series 10 is over, with one sole episode – an epilogue, if you will – to go in the Twelfth Doctor’s era. That’s coming at Christmas, and oh boy, after The Doctor Falls, we are certainly excited!

But for now, this is time to pick over the cybernetic remains of The Doctor Falls, Steven Moffat’s penultimate episode of Doctor Who. The times, they are a-changing, indeed. Plenty of shocks, plenty to celebrate, plenty to look forward to… so what did you think?

Did that live up to the promise of World Enough and Time? Did you really think Missy would amend her wicked ways? And what about that cliffhanger?!

As ever, we’re asking you to please vote in the poll below, your options generally being rating it between 1 and 5 – 5 being the best, and 1 being awful. We’ve given them jazzier names because… well, why not?

Voted? Thanks – we’ll collate the results for a future edition of Sonic Feedback, but we’d also love to hear more about what you thought of The Doctor Falls. Are you sad that this is the last episode of Series 10? Has the run of stories delivered? What about the TARDIS team of the Twelfth Doctor, Bill Potts, and Nardole? Does this episode belong to John Simm, Michelle Gomez, or Peter Capaldi? Tell us below.