The PodKast with a K: Is Empress of Mars Mark Gatiss’ Best Doctor Who?

Take a trip back a few weeks. The TARDIS has gone inexplicably nuts, and has taken us back to watch Empress of Mars again. That’s where we find the PodKast with a K, chewing over what might very well be Mark Gatiss’ best episode of Doctor Who.

Yep, Christian Cawley, James McLean, and Brian Terranova are back, mulling over a Martian misadventure with a distinct Edgar Rice Burroughs feel.

How good was it to see Ice Warriors on Mars? How about Alpha Centauri?  And what about the new design, a female Ice Warrior – an Empress, no less? Take 45 minutes out of your day and enjoy…

What do you think, dear reader? Was this better than The Unquiet Dead, Cold War, and The Crimson Horror? Would you welcome Mark Gatiss’ return to the show, or his time, as with Steven Moffat, over? Is it best he focus on Dracula, possibly more Sherlock (sometime down the line!), and The League of Gentlemen…?