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The PodKast with a K: The Eaters of Light and Sound!

Can you hear that? Come closer to the stones, and you can hear… You can, can’t you? “Music”? What do you mean, you can “hear music”? No, I’m talking about the PodKast with a K!
James McLean and Christian Cawley are back to discuss a tale from the past: The Eaters of Light!
This was Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, and Matt Lucas’ last standalone story as the Twelfth Doctor, Bill Potts, and Nardole respectively, as well as the first time a writer from Classic Doctor Who was written for the 2005- present era of the show. That’s Rona Munro, returning to the show after Survival. So how do they compare?
The pair also discuss toys, ratings, and Derek Jacobi’s return to the fold, this time for Big Finish as the War Master. Take an hour out and listen at your leisure here:

What did you make of The Eaters of Light? Are you worried about ratings? And are you psyched to hear more about what the Master got up to during the Time War…?

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The PodKast with a K: The Eaters of Light and Sound!

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