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Doctor Who Executive Producer Brian Minchin Joins Hartswood Films

Brian Minchin will swap the TARDIS for 221b Baker Street as he joins Steven Moffat in a brand-new role within Hartswood Films.
According to Deadline, Minchin will serve as Head of Drama development for Hartswood West, the Cardiff production base for Beryl and Sue Vertue’s Hartswood Films.
Of course, the move means that Minchin, who has been executive producer on Doctor Who since 2013 and was key to the series’ expansion with new international broadcast partners and spin-off shows as well as being responsible for the creative direction of the many franchises and platforms for Doctor Who content, will continue the fruitful production partnership with Steven Moffat, who said:
“I’ve worked very closely with Brian for the last four years, on Doctor Who, and he’s a brilliant and creative producer and a good friend. Now that I’m leaving Who to concentrate on Hartswood projects, I couldn’t be more delighted that Brian is doing the same.”
Hartswood films is perhaps best known for Men Behaving Badly…okay, no, it’s Sherlock, though it remains to be seen whether Minchin could be involved in any future Holmes episodes…if there will be any new episodes of Sherlock.

Andrew Reynolds

Doctor Who Executive Producer Brian Minchin Joins Hartswood Films

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