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Coming Soon: Big Finish's Gallifrey: Time War

Plunging headlong into the depths of the Time War, Lalla Ward, Louise Jameson and Sophie Aldred are joined by Derek Jacobi in the new chapter of Big Finish’s Gallifrey.
Showing you the Time War from the front line, the four new chapters from Gallifrey’s history will emerge, comprising of:
Celestial Intervention by David Llewellyn
Soldier Obscura by Tim Foley
The Devil You Know by Scott Handcock
Desperate Measures by Matt Fitton
Big Finish have also confirmed that joining President Romanadvoratrelundar, Leela, Ace, Narvin and Braxiatel will be the War Master, played by Derek Jacobi – but to find out just how he’s involved you’ll have to wait until February 2018!

Director and writer, Scott Handcock, told Big Finish:
“I’ve felt very lucky to play in the Gallifrey sandbox for its most recent releases, but it’s an even bigger thrill to take us into the Time War and explore how that epic, devastating event impacts upon the lives of our characters.
“It’s given all our regulars some lovely material to work with, plus an opportunity to get in some brilliant guest voices including Pippa Bennett-Warner, Zulema Dene, Bryan Dick, and of course Sir Derek Jacobi is back as the Master – not to mention Nicholas Briggs as the Daleks. It’s the beginning of a terrifying new start for the Gallifrey team, and possibly the end for some of our regulars…”
Gallifrey: Time War is available to pre-order from the Big Finish website for £23 on CD or £20 as a download.

Andrew Reynolds

Coming Soon: Big Finish's Gallifrey: Time War

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