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DWC Contributor Debuts in the PodKast with a K! (Plus: Shada)

You can now enjoy Shada in all its animated glory. Frankly, it’s a joy, especially the ending, which we won’t ruin here (even though the BBC did by releasing spoilerific publicity shots).
Now, let’s travel back a few weeks to the announcement of the special release. That’s when we find the PodKast with a K – with a bit of a difference.
That’s because DWC regular, James Baldock has joined Christian Cawley for this edition!
The pair naturally discuss Douglas Adams’ lost classic, the runtime of Series 11 (apparently 10 60-minute episodes), and the awesome Red Bubble store by Clayton Hickman, former Doctor Who Magazine editor and designer of numerous DVD covers.
They also talk about the sad passing of Trevor Martin, who played the Doctor in the stage play, Doctor Who and the Daleks in: Seven Keys to Doomsday.
Yep, Christian and James pack a lot into just 43 minutes. It’s almost an episode of Doctor Who!

So have you enjoyed Shada? What do you make of plans for Series 11? And were you lucky enough to see Seven Keys to Doomsday? Let us know in the comments below!

Philip Bates

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DWC Contributor Debuts in the PodKast with a K! (Plus: Shada)

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