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Candy Jar Books Releases Two Free Lethbridge-Stewart Short Stories

Do we have a treat for you? Following the festive Case of the Missing Fairy, Candy Jar Books has announced two new Lethbridge-Stewart short stories – and they’re completely free!
David A McIntee’s What’s Past is Prologue and Andy Frankham-Allen’s The Note were available to Lethbridge-Stewart range subscribers over Christmas, but can now be enjoyed by the general public.
The two tales are connected by a Lethbridge-Stewart family secret which has its origins in 1902 and is not revealed until 1945. Both stories focus on the relationship between the original Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart, the British Intelligence operative from the early 20th Century, after whom the Brigadier was named, and his brother, Archie.
Range Editor, Andy Frankham-Allen says:

“This story plays with family secrets, adding further depth to the Lethbridge-Stewart legacy. So, now we have a story set in 1917 that sets up the secret from 1902, and a story set in 1945 which reveals what really did, or did not, happen.”

As if that weren’t enough, the shorts also take a look at the life of Alistair’s father, Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart!
The Case of the Missing Fairy is also still available; in our review, Liam Brightman said:

“This is the first Lethbridge-Stewart story I have read and I definitely want to read more. There’s no better place to start with a free story. I can’t wait to find out what they do with a more conventional alien-centric plot.

“The Case of the Missing Fairy further proves that we need more stories starring the Brigadier as a teacher. I am sure Turlough was a nuisance before he stole that car…”

What’s Past is Prologue and The Note are available now for free from the Candy Jar Books website.

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Candy Jar Books Releases Two Free Lethbridge-Stewart Short Stories

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