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Out Now: Doctor Who – Short Trips: The Authentic Experience

The easiest way to get a quick Doctor Who fix is back with the first of the Doctor Who – Short Trips range from Big Finish for 2018.
Kicking off the year in style is The Authentic Experience by Strax himself, Dan Starkey and narrated by Nicola Bryant, who, of course, played companion Peri.

Tired of the old 9 to 5? The daily grind getting you down? Step this way to discover a universe of possibilities! If you’re fed up with looking at screens all day, we can offer the authentic experience: whether you want to be as rich as Croesus and swim in gold, or feel the dirt and sweat of honest toil we’re ready for your business. Forget the “Same Old”, embrace the “New Old”!
Producer Ian Atkins said:
“Nicola Bryant is one of those very talented actors where you get many, many characters in a single person. I think the original brief on this story was just, ‘something with lots of voices for the reader’ because I always try to work to the reader’s strengths, and I’ve seen Nicola in the booth enough – especially on Night of the Triffids – to know she really shines when called upon in this capacity.
“Dan was a lot of fun to work with, with some great ideas all the way along from pitch to edits, and a driving intelligence that explains why he’s a University Challenge champion!”
Next month sees the release of the pun-tastic Mel-evolent, written by Simon A. Forward and narrated by Bonnie Langford.

Mirror mirror on the wall, something stalks the TARDIS halls…”
A glimpsed reflection in a dark and dusty corner leads Mel on a journey Through The Looking Glass.
Witchcraft and shadows reign.
Mel must face the evil at the heart of it all, while the Doctor battles to save a TARDIS determined to prove it’s not only bigger on the inside, but darker. Much darker.
And finally, coming soon Camille Coduri reprises Jackie Tyler with the MetaCrisis Doctor in two Short Trips later this year, The Siege of Big Ben and Flight into Hull!

You can pick up Doctor Who – Short Trips: The Authentic Experience now for £2.99 or subscribe to pick up this and every subsequent release from Big Finish.

Andrew Reynolds

Out Now: Doctor Who – Short Trips: The Authentic Experience

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