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Pearl Mackie Wouldn't Say No To Returning To Doctor Who

Even though she has just said her farewell to the show, Pearl Mackie has said that she would love to appear alongside the new Doctor, Jodie Whittaker, if they offer came along.
Speaking to Build London (via Metro), Mackie, who played companion Bill in the last series of Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor, said she wouldn’t say no to returning to Doctor Who.
“Yeah, sure…I think she’s great. Offer hasn’t come in yet, but we shall see.”
Mackie, who is currently appearing in The Birthday Party at London’s Harold Pinter Theatre until April, went on to say just how significant the arrival of the first female Doctor is – and how pleased she was to have played a small part in her first ever appearance.
“It’s incredible isn’t it – it’s not something you set out to do when you decide to become an actress when you’re five. But then it sort of happens and you’re like ‘woah’, I think it’s monumental that the Doctor’s female now, I think she’s going to be great.”
Mackie went on to talk about the decision to make Bill the first openly gay character on the show – a move that she was pleased with but didn’t want it to be her defining characteristic.
“When Steven and Brian were like ‘Bill’s going to be a lesbian’ I was like ‘that’s great but I don’t want that to be her defining characteristic because you wouldn’t do that with a straight character. It’s incredibly important to have this representation but it’s important that’s not the only thing you show.”
Doctor Who returns this Autumn on BBC One.

Andrew Reynolds

Pearl Mackie Wouldn't Say No To Returning To Doctor Who

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