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The PodKast with a K Watches Doctor Who – on Twitch!

The BBC has given fans the chance to see classic Doctor Who completely free, as a shared experience, on the video streaming platform, Twitch. And the PodKast with a K is here to tell everyone why they should be joining in!
Twitch not only offers viewers the chance to watch or rewatch every (non-missing) serial from An Unearthly Child to Survival, but also to join in the conversation through the accompanying live chat function. So far, we’ve seen a lot of love for the First, Second, and Third Doctors, and the rise of the “London 1965” meme, courtesy of Ian Chesterton’s enthusing about returning in The Chase. (Some would argue it’s this that acts as the saving grace of The Chase, but we naturally couldn’t possibly comment on such a thing…)
In the latest PodKast with a K, Christian Cawley and James McLean watch the first two episodes of The Enemy of the World, previously missing form the BBC Archives but rediscovered by Philip Morris and released on digital and DVD in 2013. Take a listen!

At the time of writing, the stream has been watched over 61.5 million times. It’s an incredible thing.
Tune in each day, Monday to Friday from 11am Pacific US/ 7pm UK to catch episodes on It runs from 29th May to 23rd July 2018.
So are you going to check out Twitch? Or are you intimidated by the need to keep up with all the latest chat – these young’uns do type fast, y’know – and watch the Third Doctor battle all manner of monsters?

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The PodKast with a K Watches Doctor Who – on Twitch!

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