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Doctor Who Series 11 Footage to Premiere During World Cup 2018 Final

England may be out of the World Cup, but Doctor Who fans will at least be pacified during the final of the football tournament because brand new footage teasing Doctor Who Series 11 will air!
France plays Croatia this weekend, and the BBC plans to feature the upcoming season of Doctor Who in its coverage – though some believe this will consist of a proper trailer, the current train of thought is that it will, in fact, be either a specially-shot scene potentially introducing the Thirteenth Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) and her companions to a new audience (remember that Series 5 trailer in which the grass exploded beneath the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond?), or a mix.
The BBC has, in fact, released a trailer for the trailer, which is… y’know, unusual but understandable. Fans were especially receptive over the rumour that a trailer would air at the start of the World Cup, which ultimately came to nothing; at least this time, it’s signposted. The teaser promises:

“The universe is calling.”

Let’s hope it’s not reversed the charges.

And yes, we know there will be complaints about “knowing your audience”, but fans are going to watch it anyway: this footage is surely designed to whet the appetite of people who don’t watch it religiously. It’s a smart move.
And hey, we might actually learn something about the new series! A confirmation of the speculated October start date would at least be appreciated…

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Doctor Who Series 11 Footage to Premiere During World Cup 2018 Final

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