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Out Now: Charity Novel, Seasons of War – Gallifrey

A brand new novel has found it way out of the Time War – Seasons of War: Gallifrey focuses on four friends who would go their separate ways because of the war. And by purchasing your copy, not only will you get to enjoy an original tale set on the Doctor’s home planet, but you’ll also be helping out Caudwell Children, a charity benefiting the families of disabled kids.
Gallifrey tells the story of a conscientious objector, a politician, a Time Lord, and a soldier as they’re forced apart by a battle unlike anything anyone’s ever seen before. Here’s the synopsis:

On a planet already broken and divided, an unlikely band of friends are forced apart as a devastating time war rips their world asunder and threatens to destroy all of time and space.

In the struggle for peace, their lives will never be the same again.

But can Savalia, a poet turned soldier; Mordicai, a school drop-out turned engineer; Kendo, an idealist turned senator; and Tor Fasa, a respected academic turned war criminal, reunite to save the universe from total destruction?

This is the story of how they fought the war and how the war fought them.

Proceeds from Seasons of War: Gallifrey will go to Caudwell Children. 

The book is written by Paul Driscoll (whose previous contributions to the Seasons of War range were The Time Lord Who Came to Tea and Storage Wars), and Kara Dennison (City of the Saved), both of whom have also worked on Obverse Books’ The Black Archive series. Paul reflects:

“Getting started was probably the hardest part, but I came up with a way of structuring the book so that we could individually write different parts and then bring it all together – that’s why the middle four chapters all cover a similar time frame as each of our four leads has their own series of adventures following the outbreak of the war. That structure allowed us the freedom not to have to continually throw ideas backwards and forwards (I mean, that kind of tennis game could potentially go on forever).

“After a week or so of writing, we would touch base on Skype and make sure that the different sections were consistent. We knew pretty much from the start that the first chapters would explore how our characters first met and provide a window on their world before the war, so after writing the middle chapters most of our discussions focused on getting the ending right.”

And Kara teases:

“Paul and I have both given little hat-tips to our favourite moments from the history of Doctor Who – not essential for understanding the story, but fun if you catch them.

“As a personal aside, I also dropped a line from the RiffTrax treatment of The Five Doctors. See if you can spot it. (And on a non-Doctor Who tangent, there’s also a Monster Factory quote hidden in there. Like I said, I’m a fiend for dropping quotes.)”

Seasons of War: Gallifrey is out now, so head over to Altrix Books to get your copy. And keep an eye out for a review here on the DWC!

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Out Now: Charity Novel, Seasons of War – Gallifrey

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