Candy Jar Books to Publish Angela Douglas’ Debut Novel, Josephine: An Open Book

Angela Douglas, who played Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart’s wife, Doris in Battlefield (1989), is releasing her debut novel, Josephine: An Open Book.

The book will be published by the award-winning Candy Jar Books, and is descibed as, “A racey, emotional romp through the ’60s scene of showbiz London.” Michael Caine, Kirk Douglas, Elizabeth Taylor and many more are captured in rarely seen moments: on set or socialising, unguarded and natural, as the people they were rather than the personas they projected. Their words and actions have the unmistakeable ring of truth – and for good reason: they are accounts of Angela’s own experiences.

Though Doctor Who fans will recognise Douglas as Doris, her further credits include The Avengers, Z Cars, Cardiac Arrest, Holby City, and numerous Carry On films.

Candy Jar’s Head of Publishing, Shaun Russell, explains the book’s rare appeal:

“Josephine has so much for a reader to enjoy. There’s the A-list gossip; no need to explain the appeal of that one! There’s the genuine insight into life as an aspiring young actress, struggling for expression and self-fulfilment in an industry often more interested in exploiting such ambition; a timely theme if there ever was one, and based on life. And most of all, an emotionally honest, compelling, and moving central story. That’s at the heart of everything: Josephine herself, a strong, vivacious woman won’t settle for the life she’s been given, but instead shoots for the moon. Does she make it? Well, you’ll just have to buy the book to find out!”

Josephine: An Open Book is available to pre-order now, priced £8.99.