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Thirteenth Doctor's 'Crazy' New TARDIS Interior Design

The exterior has had a cheeky renovation but what about the interior decoration for the Thirteenth Doctor’s TARDIS?
Hints about what lies beyond those familiar blue doors have been few and far between (unless you count ‘that photo’) so any news about the redecoration that someone won’t like is good news to use.
Enter the void Doctor Who series 11 concept artist Darren Fereday, who has described new production designer Arwel Wyn Jones’s ideas for the interior in one word: “crazy”.
He tweeted:

So it sounds like another significant departure in and amongst a host of significant departures for the show. If the overhauled look of the new sonic screwdriver is anything to go by, could we see a more organic, alien design for the TARDIS? Perhaps a return to the ‘coral’ desktop theme of the Ninth and Tenth Doctor’s own TARDIS? Or perhaps something new entirely…
Change my friends, and not a moment too soon…
Doctor Who will return this autumn on BBC One. 

Andrew Reynolds

Thirteenth Doctor's 'Crazy' New TARDIS Interior Design

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