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John Simm Would "Absolutely Consider" Coming Back as the Master

Ah, how times change: it wasn’t long ago that John Simm returning to Doctor Who was looking very unlikely – now, the man himself says he’d consider coming back because it’s “always a pleasure.”
In a recent interview, the Life on Mars actor was asked if he’d come back. He said:

“I’ve no idea but if they asked me I’d absolutely consider it because [Jodie Whittaker, the Thirteenth Doctor]’s fantastic. It’s always a pleasure and a joy to go back and do that show and be that guy.”

Simm debuted as the Master in 2007’s Utopia, returned for 2009/2010’s The End of Time, and for a time, it looked like that was it for his incarnation of the Time Lord. Fortunately, he came back for last year’s shocking two-part finale, World Enough and Time/ The Doctor Falls, this time accompanied by Michelle Gomez as Missy. Sadly, the two killed each other off – seemingly. This is Doctor Who and we can’t see this being the end of the character altogether.
And in The Doctor Falls, he really proved what a chilling genius he is. We’d welcome him back in a heartbeat. Or maybe in two heartbeats.
John Simm’s latest drama, Strangers premiered on ITV1 last night at 9pm and can be seen on ITV Player for viewers in the UK.
Would you like to see the Master back? Does Simm have more potential to give? Or would you prefer to see someone else’s take on the role?

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John Simm Would "Absolutely Consider" Coming Back as the Master

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