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Exclusive: Get Money Off New Book, Six Decades of Adventure in Space and Time

A brand new book, Six Decades of Adventure in Space and Time: A Social, Cultural and Screen History of Doctor Who is out now, and DWC is offering an exclusive discount to readers.
Bedford Who Charity Con (Books) is a new venture and this is our first release.
The author is Frank Danes. You may notice he shares the same surname as me; this is because he is my brother. ‘Shameless nepotism!’ I hear you cry. Yes, OK… actually, I’d have published this whoever wrote it because it’s fab. Really. Frank’s comments sometimes appear on the DWC; his writing’s more extensive than that, though: he’s written lots of books for a variety of publishers, including an earlier (and acclaimed) history of Doctor Who for St Mark’s Press called Fifty Years in Time and Space.
Six Decades of Adventure is designed to be the only single volume history of Doctor Who you’ll ever need. It’s witty, it’s very well written, and it’s fact packed. You’ll enjoy it if you’re pretty new to the series, if you’re fairly knowledgeable about the programme, or if you know the running time for every episode since November 1963 and the name of the bloke who swept the studio floor at Lime Grove on 13th February 1968 at 10.08 p.m. There’s lots of original analysis and the book also considers how contemporary society is reflected in the series’ production and storytelling. (New facts, too! For example, you can read about how the studio manager on Slipback suggested the description of the monster’s appearance could be enhanced for the listeners. It is too rude to print here.)
Actually, if you like Doctor Who, you’ll like this book!
It’s available from various outlets, including eBay. RRP is £15.95 plus £2.85 UK postage.
HOWEVER, we’re offering DWC readers a special deal: you can get a copy of the book for £10 plus £2.95 UK postage.
(Overseas readers: we can offer you copies, including postage, at £18.60 if you’re in the EU and £23.40 for the rest of the world. Postage on a heavy book is pricey, alas, but this is still cheaper than you’d get it elsewhere.)
How to order:

  1. Please go to the deeply marvellous and profoundly splendid shop, I M Foreman’s Junkyard at
  2. Find the book on the Home page and order a copy there.
  3. Email me (Simon) on to say you heard about the book on the DWC. We’ll then refund you your change through PayPal. (Possibly a dumb way of doing it, but the easiest way we can manage!) Overseas buyers: please contact me for details of how to order on

Six Decades of Adventure in Space and Time is in part a charity venture, which is why it’s being published by Bedford Who Charity Con. The publisher’s profits are split between Bedford Foodbank, and set-up costs for Bedford Who Charity Con 5 in April 2019. (Actually, once costs for the convention have been paid, everything we make goes to Bedford Foodbank anyway.) Bedford Foodbank currently provides emergency food for some 600 local adults and children every month.
Keep an eye on the DWC very soon for an interview with author, Frank Danes.

Simon Danes

Exclusive: Get Money Off New Book, Six Decades of Adventure in Space and Time

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