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Will We See the New TARDIS Interior in Doctor Who Series 11 Episode 1?

The new interior of the TARDIS might not be revealed until episode 2 of Doctor Who Series 11, at least according to Bradley Walsh.
Walsh, who plays new companion, Graham O’Brien, says:

“You’ll see what it looks like inside later on… I can’t remember if it’s Episode 1 or Episode 2.”

The TARDIS looked pretty wrecked last time we saw the old girl, so while the last time this happened, the Eleventh Doctor recovered it in time for his debut episode, The Eleventh Hour, the Thirteenth Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) might not get back in the time-space ship in The Woman Who Fell To Earth. Plus, of course, she was jettisoned from the TARDIS sharpish, meaning she might have to search for a while to get her back…
Walsh also said that he wasn’t told who the Thirteenth Doctor was, but when he found out, he immediately agreed to take part in the series:

“And there was a clip in the middle of [the Wimbledon final] and it was the Doctor reveal. And I went ‘Ah, wow! That is great!’ We hadn’t signed fully by then and I just signed immediately on the dotted line.”

We’ll see both Whittaker and Walsh (plus Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole) in The Woman Who Fell To EarthBut we might have to wait until The Ghost Monument to see the TARDIS. Unless you saw that leaked picture, you despicable human being.
Doctor Who Series 11 begins on Sunday 7th October 2018.

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Will We See the New TARDIS Interior in Doctor Who Series 11 Episode 1?

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