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BFI's Missing Presumed Wiped to Host The Wheel In Space Animated Mini-Episode

One more of Doctor Who’s missing episodes will be revived as the BFI’s Missing Presumed Wiped hosts an animated version of episode one of The Wheel in Space.
Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Missing Presumed Wiped, the annual event hosts lost TV classics from a myriad of genres and, making its premiere will be the much-anticipated Doctor Who animated mini-episode based on the now lost first part of the 1968 story, The Wheel in Space, starring the Second Doctor, Patrick Troughton.
One of the animators on the 10-minute mini episode, Rob Ritchie tweeted.

So far, only two of the six episodes that make up The Wheel in Space, the serial that pits the Second Doctor against the Cybermen and introduces companion Zoe Heriot (played by Wendy Padbury), exist in the BBC archives.
The new sequence will eventually be included as part of a BBC DVD/Blu-ray release in the future, rather than a full animated restoration of The Wheel In Space.
Other than Doctor Who, the event will also host special guests, including lost archival TV extraordinaire Philip Morris, who will be presenting some recently unearthed gems including missing episodes of Morecambe and Wise, Sid James’ sitcom Citizen James, and Basil Brush in the earliest surviving episode from the first series of The Basil Brush Show.
Viewers will also be shown the only surviving live performance of The Kinks ‘Days’, and a rare performance by Aretha Franklin on British TV.
Tickets for Missing Believed Wiped sessions on December 15th are on sale now to BFI members before going on sale to the general public from November 13th. 

Andrew Reynolds

BFI's Missing Presumed Wiped to Host The Wheel In Space Animated Mini-Episode

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