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Doctor Who to be Part of Children in Need 2018 Appeal

As with previous years, Doctor Who will have a presence at charity fundraiser, Children in Need – alas, we won’t be treated to a specially-filmed scene, although the planned segment still sounds like something worth tuning in for.
The section involves 9-year-old Anna from Basingstoke visiting the set of the new TARDIS in Cardiff, which was seemingly recorded on 7th August 2018. That was a little while before Doctor Who Series 11 premiered on BBC1, so this would presumably been the first time a visitor to Roath Lock Studios got to see the Doctor’s Time-Space Ship. Here’s what’s promised:

An incredible young girl who’s supported by BBC Children in Need gets the opportunity to visit the Doctor Who film set where she enters TARDIS and meets the entire cast before being surprised by the Doctor herself, Jodie Whittaker.

By “the entire cast”, we presume the BBC means Mandip Gill (who plays Yasmin Khan), Tosin Cole (Ryan Sinclair), and Bradley Walsh (Graham O’Brien).

Previous Children in Need segments included exclusive scenes (like Time Crash, in which Peter Davison’s Fifth Doctor met David Tennant’s Tenth), previews of episodes like The Day of the Doctor and Twice Upon A Time, and even a concert in 2006.
Children in Need  will air Friday 16th November 2018 on BBC1, 7:30 to 10:00pm, followed by a 40-minute gap (switching to BBC2 to make room for the news) then running until 12:30am.

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Doctor Who to be Part of Children in Need 2018 Appeal

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