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The BBC Wishes You A Merry Christmas with Doctor Who Animation

There may not be a Christmas Day special episode of Doctor Who this year, but the BBC has at least treated us to a short animation which should make even the Kazran Sardicks of this world smile briefly.

It’s a short but sweet animation – think of it as a stocking filler. You’ve just about got time to watch it before remembering that OH MY GOD YOU’VE STILL GOT WRAPPING TO DO AND DID YOU GET THE SHORTBREAD FOR AUNTIE MARGARET YES I SUPPOSE QUALITY STREET WILL DO JUST THIS ONCE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD HAVE YOU SEEN THE QUEUES IN WHSMITH?!

It’s easy to be glib and note that the BBC’s budget hasn’t spread to an online advent calendar this year either. Yes, we could say this feels a bit of a cop-out… but this is the season of goodwill, so let’s be grateful for what we’ve got.

If you’ve got little ones in the family, send them this; we’re sure they’ll like it. And after all, it’s aimed at them – it’s not strictly meant for the folk who will complain that Nick Frost isn’t the voice of Santa in this version, or who will question its canon.

Personally, I like the make of Father Christmas’ smartphone…

Merry Christmas, DWCers. Don’t worry – we’ll still be here across the festivities (with plenty of treats in store) and beyond!

Philip Bates

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The BBC Wishes You A Merry Christmas with Doctor Who Animation

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