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Remembering Those We Lost in 2018

Toby Hadoke has paid a touching tribute to those we lost in 2018.

The actor and comedian has been releasing annual memorial videos since 2014; it’s always incredibly sad to see how the Doctor Who universe got smaller in just 12 months, but equally, it’s wonderful to know that their work, and thus their memory, lives on. Fans never forget, and that’s a truly special thing.

The video includes Ken Dodd (Delta and the Bannermen); Peter Miles (Genesis of the Daleks); Pamela Ann Davy (The Power of the Daleks); Rupert Laight (writer on The Sarah Jane Adventures); Helen Griffin (Rise of the Cybermen/ The Age of Steel); Janet Hargreaves (The Greatest Show in the Galaxy); and Michael Pickwoad (designer throughout much of the Eleventh Doctor era).

You might recognise Hadoke for his role in 50th anniversary special, An Adventure in Space and Time; for his work on DVD special features; his stand-up shows; or various parts for Big Finish. He’s a shining example of our fandom, one who’s embraced the very best of Doctor Who, and added a lot to our understanding and love of the series. His memoriam videos are just further proof, though none was needed, of this.

Philip Bates

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Remembering Those We Lost in 2018

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