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The Eighth Doctor Meets the War Master in Big Finish's Rage of the Time Lords

The Eighth Doctor is due to meet Derek Jacobi’s incarnation of the Master in
The War Master: The Rage of the Time Lords, coming out in July 2019 from Big Finish.

The boxset includes four stories which see Paul McGann join Jacobi on the fringes of the Time War:

  • The Survivor by Tim Foley
  • The Coney Island Chameleon by David Llewellyn
  • The Missing Link by Tim Foley
  • Darkness and Light by David Llewellyn

With all of space and time in chaos, the Master plots his most audacious project yet. Only one other Time Lord has ever been able to stop him. But where is that Time Lord when the universe needs him?

This new series of adventures take the Master into darker terrain as he gathers his forces against the Daleks in one of his most nefarious schemes to date. Will the Doctor stop him? Will he want to? Or has the Master’s deadly scheme proved too great to be controlled…

Producer and director, Scott Handcock says:

“This incarnation of the Master is very much the ‘Hannibal Lecter’ of Time Lords – intelligent, charming, but thoroughly ruthless. We had a lot of fun in studio bringing the War Master back to life! It’s been a gift of a project, and we can’t wait for listeners to hear it.”

Sir Derek only appeared on-screen as the Master in 2007’s Utopia, but he’s lived an extended life on audio. This began with December 2017’s Only the Good and continued with last month’s The Master of Callous.

Rage of the Time Lords is released in July 2019, written by Tim Foley and David Llewellyn. Meanwhile, The War Master: Anti-Genesis, written by Nicholas Briggs and Alan Barnes, will complete the run in December 2019.

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The Eighth Doctor Meets the War Master in Big Finish's Rage of the Time Lords

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