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Coming Soon: Ice Hot, An Anthology Based on Doctor Who’s Paradise Towers

Obverse Books has announced a new set of short stories set in the world of Doctor Who serial, Paradise Towers.

The TV story was written by Stephen Wyatt, the first televised adventure under Andrew Cartmel’s so-called “master plan” to turn the fortunes of the series around.

Edited by Kara Dennison (Iris Wildthyme), here’s the blurb for Ice Hot:

Paradise Towers really is ice hot!

Or at least that’s what everyone told themselves at first. But then the youngsters became Kangs, the older ones became Rezzies and the Caretakers forgot who they were altogether.

But as society crumbles in Kroganon’s greatest creation, there’s still room for anarchic wallscrawlers and rebellious caretakers, damaged war veterans and regretful architects, forbidden romances and daring escapes. There’s even a moment spent in a certain infamous temporal Empire.

Perhaps the Towers can be made ice hot again…

Fully licensed from, and with a new story by, Paradise Towers creator, Stephen Wyatt, Ice Hot features new Who fiction from Mags L Halliday (Faction Paradox: Warring States), Finn Clark (Times Mosaic), Paul Driscoll (Seasons of War: Gallifrey), Tim Gambrell (UNIT, Lethbridge-Stewart), and many others.

Ice Hot is out on 20th May 2024 from Obverse Books, and is available to pre-order now.

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Coming Soon: Ice Hot, An Anthology Based on Doctor Who’s Paradise Towers

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