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Here’s Our First Look Preview Clip at Doctor Who: Space Babies

Hungry for Doctor Who? Series 14 begins in less than a week, and so the BBC has released a first preview clip of Space Babies, the opening episode of the eight-episode run.

This scene finds companion, Ruby Sunday, played by Millie Gibson, taking her first steps into space, though the focus here is really on the Fifteenth Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa).

Oh, and Ruby learns about the TARDIS translation circuits.

This feels very much like the early scenes of The End of the World from Doctor Who Series 1 in 2005, and that makes sense — they’re both written by showrunner, Russell T Davies, but man, look at the time stretching between those two stories! It’s pretty insane to consider how far Doctor Who has come, yet has stayed much the same; even with a returning showrunner.

Space Babies hits BBC iPlayer and BBC1 on 11th May 2024, though it comes to Disney+ on 10th May where the streaming service is available. It’s followed up by the second episode of the season, The Devil’s Chord.

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Here’s Our First Look Preview Clip at Doctor Who: Space Babies

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