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Final Figures Announced for Doctor Who: Resolution

BARB, the Broadcasting Research Audience Board, has revealed final figures for the Doctor Who New Year’s Day special, Resolution, and it’s not the best news for our beloved show.

7.13 million watched the episode, making it the 14th most-watched show of the week ending 6th January 2019.

6.95 million watched on a normal set, while 73,000 watched on their PC, 54,000 on a tablet, and 44,000 on a smartphone. The consolidated figure of 6.95 million was a fair increase on the widely-reported overnights of 5.15 million.

Sadly, it means Resolution is one of the least watched Thirteenth Doctor serials, and the least watched Doctor Who festive special since the series returned in 2005. Here’s the ranking of all Christmas specials, from The Feast of Steven to Twice Upon A Time.

The most watched show of the week was the New Year Fireworks on BBC1, drawing in 12.27 million people.

Resolution, which saw the return of the Daleks to Doctor Who, achieved an Appreciation Index of 80, which is considered okay and generally in line with the rest of Series 11.

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Final Figures Announced for Doctor Who: Resolution

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