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Katy Manning to Headline Convention in Staffordshire

Katy Manning is set to appear at this year’s EM-Con Burton, Staffordshire as one of the headlining guests. She will be starring alongside actors that have appeared variously in Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and Outlander. Only five guests have been announced so far, with more to come.

The conference will take place on 7th April 2019 in Burton Market Hall where Katy will be available to sign autographs or to have a photoshoot – either costing a fee of £15. The convention was previously scheduled for September 2018, but postponed until April this year, due to a conflict with the Burton Town Fair.

There will also be appearances from the TARDIS and a number of Daleks, as well as opportunities to buy merchandise from Doctor Who, as well as other SF & Fantasy series and films.

Katy’s Doctor Who co-star, Richard Franklin (Mike Yates) was previously announced to be making an appearance to be re-UNITed with her, but his name has since disappeared from the guest list, so it isn’t now clear whether he’s still going to be available to attend.

This is the second EM-Con, the first having happened in February 2018, and featured a multi-Doctor appearance from Peter Davison and Colin Baker (the Fifth and Sixth Doctors, respectively).

The following month, EM-Con will be happening again in Nottingham, where there will be a chance to meet stars Paul McGann (Eighth Doctor), Sylvester McCoy (Seventh Doctor), Ingrid Oliver (Osgood), and Nathan McMullan (Wolf in Last Christmas).

Simon Painter

Katy Manning to Headline Convention in Staffordshire

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