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The Woman Who Fell To Earth in Top 10 Most Watched Shows on iPlayer 2018

The first episode of Doctor Who Series 11 was requested nearly 4 million times on BBC iPlayer last year, making it the 4th most-requested programme on the service in 2018.

The Woman Who Fell To Earth, Jodie Whittaker’s first full episodes as the Thirteenth Doctor, was seen 3,965,000 times on iPlayer, beating Keeping Faith episode 1’s 3,927,000 (starring Eve Myles, aka Gwen Cooper from Torchwood), and the debut of Jenna Coleman’s The Cry, which was requested 3,496,000 times.

At number 3 in 2018’s most-watched series on iPlayer was McMafia (4,741,000), while a massive 9,235,000 watched the first part of Killing Eve.

Bodyguard, however, was iPlayer’s biggest ever show, seen by 10,842,000 on catch-up alone.

Dynasties, Our Girl, Bing, and Match of the Day LiveSweden versus England finishes off the Top 10.

Yep, Doctor Who did remarkably well, but it was a strong year overall for British television.

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The Woman Who Fell To Earth in Top 10 Most Watched Shows on iPlayer 2018

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