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Celebrate 10 Years of Obverse Books with Iris Wildthyme and City of the Saved Novellas

Obverse Books celebrates its 10th anniversary later this year, with a sextet of special novellas covering a few of the company’s most popular fictional universes – including tales featuring Iris Wildthyme and the City of the Saved…

You might know Obverse for its Black Archive range, a series of critical examinations of Doctor Who serials, or the sister title, The Silver Archive, which looks at other genre film and television. These upcoming novellas shine a light on some of its other franchises.

From the immortal Seaton Begg to the ageless masked wrestler Senor 105, via the time travelling Manleigh Halt Irregulars and the time terrorism of Faction Hollywood, all the way to trans-temporal adventuress Iris Wildthyme and the apparently eternal City of the Saved, six returning authors have crafted six tales of celebration…

The books will be released over the last six months of 2019, in the following order:

THE RISE & FALL OF SEÑOR 105 by Blair Bidmead

The past has caught up with Señor 105 and is headed on a collision course with the future. As the secret history of the solar system is revealed, the shocking truth may be too much for even him to bear…

Blair Bidmead is a novelist, illustrator and artist, who published a Señor 105 novella, By the Time I Get to Venus in 2012 and his first novel, Weapons Grade Snake Oil with Obverse in 2017.


It’s four decades since the Casebook of the Manleigh Halt Irregulars was finally closed. In the backwaters of a foreign land, Clarissa Miller finds that a summons from Isiah Dogberry cannot be ignored nor the past forgotten forever.

Nick Wallace’s first novel, Fear Itself, was released by BBC Books in 2005. He wrote the critically acclaimed Manleigh Halt Irregulars novella, The Irredeemable Love, and has written many audio plays and short stories for Big Finish Productions.


When a fabulous beast is glimpsed in the British Museum, it’s just the start of an extraordinary adventure for the immortal Iris Wildthyme. The Clock-Watchers are on the rise, and meanwhile an enemy awaits Iris – under the hill…

Nick Campbell has written for three Iris Wildthyme anthologies for Obverse Books, and an Iris audio play for Big Finish Productions.


A femme fatale with a mysterious six fingered gloved hand, a seemingly cursed and missing Egyptian mummy, and a monstrous killer automaton are among the threats faced by Seaton Begg.

Simon Bucher-Jones has written or co-written five novels and multiple short stories for Doctor Who and its spin-offs, as well as Sherlock Holmes. He has written two Black Archives for Obverse Books, co-authored the Faction Paradox novel, The Brakespeare Voyage and edited the anthology, The Book of the Enemy.


War Eternal, on Earth as it is in Heaven, but when the approval ratings for the war are down, who can the military industrial complex turn to

Jonathan Dennis has written for the Faction Paradox, Iris Wildthyme, Señor 105, and Bernice Summerfield ranges. His first novel was The Brakespeare Voyage, co-written with Simon Bucher-Jones.


A court with no ruler. A diary with no author. A party at which the guest of honour may never have existed. Six new stories explore mysterious disappearances from the City of the Saved… and the familiar faces who step in to take their places.

Kara Dennison is a writer and journalist specialising in deep analysis of geek and genre entertainment. She has contributed to Seasons of War, and The City of the Saved series, and is the co-creator of the light novel series, Owl’s Flower.

And cover designer Cody Schell is a dramatist, illustrator and short story writer, best known for the creation of masked wrestling superhero Señor 105, and his well received Dark Shadows audio dramas, in addition to designing the vast majority of Obverse Books’ covers.

A subscription offer for the 6 books is now available from Obverse. Individual books orders will be available nearer their release dates.

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Celebrate 10 Years of Obverse Books with Iris Wildthyme and City of the Saved Novellas

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