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Coming Soon: Doctor Who Virtual Reality Special, The Runaway

Soon, you’ll be able to step inside the TARDIS and go on an animated adventure with Thirteenth Doctor, Jodie Whittaker!

This virtual reality version of the Doctor’s incredible space-time Ship will feature in an upcoming immersive VR film, Doctor Who: The Runaway. Whittaker reprises her role as the Doctor in animated form in the interactive story, which will run for around 12 minutes and will be available on selected VR headsets shortly.

The Runaway is made by the BBC’s digital drama team, BBC VR Hub and Passion Animation Studios. Fans will get the chance to help the Doctor on this exciting adventure, as they find themselves at the centre of the action facing an as-ye-unspecified deadly threat.

Jo Pearce, creative director for the BBC’s digital drama team, said:

“Fans will experience the TARDIS like never before in this thrilling new interactive story. As ever, the Doctor is full of warmth, wit and charm – helped by a wonderful performance from Jodie – which puts fans at the heart of the story as they immerse themselves in this beautifully animated world.” 

Zillah Watson, head of BBC VR Hub, said:

“Our team at the BBC VR Hub has been creating new experiences with the goal of helping to usher virtual reality into the mainstream, and Doctor Who is exactly the sort of series that can help more people to try this new technology. The show has been pushing boundaries for over 55 years, and VR enables Doctor Who to explore a whole new dimension of storytelling.”

Interestingly, the story is written by Victoria Asare-Archer, who we previously suggested would be working on Doctor Who Series 12…

Featuring new original music from series composer, Segun Akinola, Doctor Who: The Runaway is directed by Mathias Chelebourg, whose previous VR films include Alice, the Virtual Reality Play, and The Real Thing VR. Stay tuned to the DWC because we’ll bring you all the latest developments as we get them!

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Coming Soon: Doctor Who Virtual Reality Special, The Runaway

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