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Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat Reflect on Life After Doctor Who

At the Radio Times Covers Party, former Doctor Who showrunners Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat spoke about their time working on the programme. Seeing these two in the same room is always a pleasure, but in the same interview? You couldn’t ask for anything more.

After Davies left the show in 2010, Moffat took over as showrunner until just recently when Chris Chibnall took the reins. As a result of these two carrying the series for more than a decade since its revival, it’s fairly common practice to compare their runs and decide who you liked better; however Davies doesn’t agree with this idea at all. After Moffat crashed his interview with Radio Times in a glorious fashion, Davies said:

“I think people half expect us to be rivals and enemies, but we love each other.”

Moffat added:

“I love this man too.”

With the pair together, naturally the conversation on Doctor Who continued – specifically about their thoughts on Chibnall taking over and them having to watch from the sidelines. Moffat stated:

“It’s not a new experience watching from the sidelines – we grew up doing that, and it would be awful if it was not on. That’s the nightmare: the idea that Doctor Who would not be on.” 

Speaking further on Chibnall and his new role as showrunner, Davies added: “He’s not bad, is he?” “He’s good, that man Chris,” Moffat continued.

It’s wonderful to see the pair getting along so well considering the behind the scenes drama we often hear about. What’s even more fantastic too is being able to watch these two former showrunners talk so openly about their love for not only the series but Chibnall as well.

Doctor Who returns to BBC1 in 2020 for Series 12.

Tyler Harris

Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat Reflect on Life After Doctor Who

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