Will Russell T. Davies’ Years and Years Return for Series 2?

Years and Years finished last night on BBC1 on something of a cliffhanger (don’t worry – this is a spoiler free article!), so will it come back to TV? Sadly, creator, Russell T. Davies says not because he doesn’t want to give a definitive answer to the ambiguous ending.

The writer explains:

“It always was a one-off. Even way back in production, it was never discussed in terms of a second series… The show goes 15 years in the future and that’s when cars and things would really start to change beyond all recognition. Life would be so different that we’d need a different budget for it – it would be a different and very expensive show. Years and Years has reached its limit. It’s just time to stop.”

The dystopian fiction stars a number of Doctor Who alumni including Jessica Hynes (Human Nature/ The Family of Blood), Sharon Duncan-Brewster (The Waters of Mars), Anne Reid (Smith and Jones), T’Nia Miller (Hell Bent), and Russell Tovey (Voyage of the Damned).

The series received glowing reviews, so if you missed it, we recommend keeping an eye out for the upcoming DVD release, out in July.