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K-Pop Band BTS to Star in Doctor Who Series 12… In a Musical Episode?

Are you ready for Doctor Who: The Musical? Don’t get too excited, but there are rumours that it’s going to happen during Series 12 – with K-Pop band, BTS apparently appearing in the show.

BTS is also known as the Bangtan Boys, and is a heavy-hitter in the South Korean Pop music scene; comprised 7 members, BTS was formed in 2013 and have enjoyed an increasing popularity in the UK recently. Now, the German magazine, Brave reports that they’ll make a guest appearance in Series 12.

It’s quite an odd rumour, so we might take this with a pinch of salt, but equally, it’s a strange thing for someone to have made up.

Before we do cast this idea aside, let’s not forget Foxes’ lovely rendition of Queens’ Don’t Stop Me Now in Mummy on the Orient Express. Similarly, the trailers for the Thirteenth Doctor’s debut season utilised pop songs. On the other hand, Sia was said to make a cameo in Series 11, and that never happened…

There’s been speculation that the next run of episodes would feature a musical special for some time – in fact, since before Series 11! We’re not sure where it began, but potentially from Jodie Whittaker mentioning that she wanted to be a pop star as a kid.

Of course, if you want to see Doctor Who as a musical, try one of my favourites, The Rings of Akhaten!

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K-Pop Band BTS to Star in Doctor Who Series 12… In a Musical Episode?

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