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Check Out This Comprehensive List of EVERY DALEK EVER

Sure, fans complain about them – as we do everything – but we all really love the Daleks anyway. And while they’ve primarily stayed to the same basic design over more than 50 years, there are loads of variants, tweaks, and major back-to-the-drawing-board models.

Hero Collector has just finished its rundown of every Dalek ever, a weekly column by Doctor Who Magazine writer and all-round-Skaro-expert, Gavin Rymill. The column has been running since October 2016, naturally with Raymond Cusick’s original design from The Daleks (1963/64), and concluded yesterday with the Time Strategist Dalek from Big Finish’s War Doctor audio adventures.

Along the way, he’s revisited some old favourites like the Planet of the Daleks Supreme Dalek, Revelation of the DaleksGlass model, and the Stone Dalek from The Big Bang.

And then there are some obscure ones; for instance, a Pebble Mill curio, TV Century 21’s Golden Emperor, and the black-eyed Dalek from The Witch’s Familiar.

That’s without mentioning all the blink-and-you’ll-miss-them models from Asylum of the Daleks!

There are 139 instalments in all, from The Daleks to Resolution and beyond. It’s a real treat.

Hero Collector is part of Eaglemoss, and there are a few contributors who also work at the DWC, so if you’re interested in sci-fi and comics, please do check it out!

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Check Out This Comprehensive List of EVERY DALEK EVER

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