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Would Samuel Anderson Return to Doctor Who as Danny Pink?

Samuel Anderson has said that he’d be open to returning to Doctor Who, in which he played Danny Pink, Clara Oswald’s love interest, but that he hasn’t been watching the series since previous showrunner, Steven Moffat left the show.

Anderson said:

“If I could, I would return for sure. One thing I’ve learned… anything is possible in the world of Doctor Who!”

Indeed, Danny died in Dark Water/ Death in Heaven (2014), but returned, albeit as a dream, in Last Christmas later that year.

When asked what his favourite memories of the series were, he said he couldn’t narrow it down:

“But the read-throughs of the new scripts was always a real treat. It was like getting a brand new comic book every two weeks and having great actors play all the parts. Steven Moffat on the stage direction is as good as you’ll ever hear. I haven’t watched the show since he stepped down but I imagine the one thing that has changed is the intensity of those read-throughs. He made stage directions epic!”

Danny debuted in Into the Dalek (2014) and popped up in numerous episodes that series with Jenna Coleman’s Clara Oswald and Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor.

He did, of course, play another character too: in Listen (also 2014), he was Orson Pink, implied to be related to Danny and Clara… although both died, so Orson’s existence remains a mystery.

Would you like to see Danny come back? Would you prefer to see Samuel in another role again? Or is his time on Doctor Who over now, period?

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Would Samuel Anderson Return to Doctor Who as Danny Pink?

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